Manufactured by TSK Group


TSK is manufactured by TSK group, a Japanese firm founded in 1948. TSK focuses on providing safe, high quality products enabling doctors and physicians to give their patients the best possible treatments. TSK develops new technologies and product innovations to the aesthetic market and is especially known for their needles and cannulas.

TSK STERiGLIDE cannulas are premium cannulas with a patented design which promises easy cannula introduction, accurate filler placement and optimal comfort for the patient.

TSK THE INViSIBLE NDL is the thinnest toxin needle available on the market to date. The small diameter of TSK THE INViSIBLE NDL results in an almost painless treatment session for the patients.

TSK Low Dead Space Hub sharp needles are designed to minimize the effective space left behind in the needle hub as close to zero. This patented design results in saving up to 0,08ml.

TSK Regular Hub sharp needles are available in 4 different sizes  with 4 diffrent lengths. These needles are designed to make injections more precise, easy, effective and more comfortable.

TSK Control Hub sharp needles are developed with the TSK Ultra Thin Wall technology that increases the inner diameter with the properties of smoother filler injections including less drag force.

TSK Closed Single Hole blunt tip cannulas are developed with a closed-tip laser cut side hole that reduces the risk of bruising.

TSK iD Large & TSK iD Max sharp needles are made from extreme hard polymer and developed from the innovative TSKiD™ technology with enlarged inner needle diameter – size Large and Max.