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Innoaesthetics have a wide product range including aesthetic mesotherapy products and skincare products to suit both physicians and end-users. All products are effective medical and dermatological solutions to treat different kinds of skin concerns and to improve the overall skin condition.

Innoaesthetics TDS line offers high-quality transdermal solutions to prevent and treat signs of skin ageing and other skin concerns on both the face and the body. All products contain unique combinations of active ingredients that pass the stratum corneum and reach the deeper layers of the skin. The active ingredients are hereby released in the targeted area. All solutions in the TDS line can be used with mesotherapy, micro-needling, or derma roller to achieve the best results. Results with Innoaesthetics are instant and provides visible and natural results from the first session with no downtime. The solutions are made with no preservatives and are sterile.

Innoaesthetics Derma line is designed to provide a base for daily skincare routines as well as to act as adjuvants for professional treatments. The derma products prepare the skin before an aesthetics treatment and help to prolong the results. The line holds face and body treatments suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, all products include a new technology that improves the integration of the actives and conveys them to the target group of cells to achieve the best results.