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Manufactured by Genoss


Monalisa is a recognized brand and skin care solution manufactured by Genoss. The products are based on hyaluronic acid and are designed to restore the natural and rejuvenated appearance of the skin that has lost its natural collagen due to the natural aging process. Monalisa products provide maximum volume effect and retention. Due to the highly concentrated pure hyaluronic acid with very long and strong cross-linked chains, they ensure high quality and safe results, as well as optimizing and extending the effect of the treatment. The ergonomically designed syringe allows for an even distribution of pressure during injection to enable an accurate and safe treatment for both the injector and the patient. The manufacturer Genoss implements a strict quality control system through direct involvement in the entire production process from the base material to the final product. Furthermore, Monalisa products have a low level of endotoxin, and essentially no BDDE remains. 

The Monalisa dermal fillers are available in four forms: Soft, Mild, Hard, and Ultra. They all contain lidocaine.