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Manufactured by Laboratorio Innoaesthetics


Meline offers a wide range of products to target the most common dermatological issue – hyperpigmentation. Every third woman suffers from hyperpigmentation on the skin. To meet the increasing demand from patients worldwide, Laboratorio Innoaesthetics has developed Meline. Meline is a product range of depigmentation products, an ideal and effective alternative to more invasive techniques, which can damage the skin and lead to inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Meline delivers a lighter treatment compared with other methods on the market, such as IPL laser treatments. Meline works on cell level by regulating the un-controlled growth of melanocytes. Meline’s products do not only eradicate dark patches but also effectively prevent their reappearance.

MeLine 01 ID is a professional solution holding active ingredients that provides a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action on the skin. The product has a melanocyte synthesis inhibitory effect as well as inhibitory effects on the tyrosinase enzyme.