Manufactured by Caregen

Pelo Baum

Pelo Baum is a hair growth product line to prevent hair loss and improve overall hair condition. Pelo Baum is founded by Caregen who are experts in peptides. With their newest and patented technology, they have developed unique formulas for hair strengthening and hair growth. Pelo Baum contains three main products: Revitalizing Solution, Shampoo, and Conditioner. All products are clinically tested. They help to make the hair appear regenerated, soothe and nourish. The products contain active ingredients such as biomimetic peptides, vitamins, and five natural plant extracts combined the ingredients promote hair that looks healthy and thicker.

Hair loss will occur when the hair does not get enough moisture and therefore dehydrates. External surroundings can inhibit the hair from soaking moisture and a low amount of moisture in the scalp will cause the hair to become thinner, more fragile, and fall out or break. Besides strengthening the hair, Pelo Baum also adds shine to the hair and stimulates the scalp.

For the best results, gently massage the product into the scalp to ensure that the formula is absorbed by the hair follicles.