Manufactured by Mesoestetic Pharma Group


Mesoestetic is a European brand known for their effective product range scientifically proven and supported by their technical studies. Mesoestetic has products for both professional use and for home performance to give the best customized solution for each patient with maximum results. The Mesoestetic professional line includes a wide range of intradermal and transdermal solutions ideal for anti-aging treatments.

Mesohyal is mesotherapy solutions that combines hyaluronic acid with active ingredients and other vitamins, natural extracts, coenzymes, amino acids, mineral salts, etc. They are highly tolerable and integrate naturally in the dermis. The Mesohyal products improve the appearance of the skin and have long-lasting effects.

Mesoestetic is an exclusive line of solutions containing active ingredients specific for transepidermal application to treat all kinds of aesthetics concerns of the face and body. The variation of active ingredients included in the formula helps to promotes the natural cell repair process while reducing skin tissue disorders.

To improve the results obtained at the clinic, Mesoestetic has designed a cosmeceutical line for home use with products that hold high concentrations of active ingredients. With the home performance line, the physicians can recommend the most effective and safe products to complement the professional treatments. The home performance cosmeceutical line includes products for pre-treatment, post-treatment and continuous maintenance.