Manufactured by Teoxane


Teoxane cosmeceuticals is a skincare brand designed to help women and men look and feel their best by maintaining beauty. Teoxane is a Swiss brand who has developed a unique skincare line, which is perfectly adaptable and complementary to professional aesthetic treatments. The product line has the properties of maintaining the results of aesthetic procedures while hydrating, revitalizing and reducing common signs of aging in the skin.

Teoxane cosmeceuticals is developed from the key ingredient hyaluronic acid with the properties of binding water, which makes it invaluable to the skin due to its ability to hydrate the skin. Due to the HA the skincare line has the properties of making the skin more smooth, plump, even-toned and radiant looking.
Using effective skincare products are important to achieve beautiful and flawless skin. Teoxane Cosmeceuticals is developed to specifically address skincare issues and form a complete skincare routine to meet the needs of the individual.

The Teoxane collection contains products suited for both professional and private use. The professional cosmeceutical range contains skincare products ideal to combine with aesthetic procedures and to prepare the skin, reduce discomfort and post-procedure. The Teoxane range offers intense hydration, to accommodate both internal and environmental factors that makes the skin feel dry and irritable. The skincare products are designed to reduce signs of aging emerged from UV damage caused by sun exposure, smoking and other age-related hormonal changes.