Nucleofill brand logo

Manufactured by Promoitalia


Nucleofill is a new concept of biostimulation manufactured by Promoitalia. Nucleofill is a line of natural polynucleotide-based bio-stimulating gels that has high viscosity for protecting and rejuvenating the skin. It includes a synergy of 4 types of stimulation: skin regeneration, cleansing effect on the cells by increasing circulation and removing free radicals, deep moisturizing effect, and firming and contouring. Nucleofill carries unique features by containing high molecular weight polynucleotide chains whose biochemical peculiarities make it highly viscoelastic and capable of binding a significant amount of water molecules.

Nucleofill can be used for loose skin with poor circulation, dehydrated skin, skin submitted to oxidative stress, stretch marks, scars, for those wanting firmness, contour, and more definition, and for bio-stimulation and increase in collagen type 1.