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Manufactured by Jetema


E.p.t.q. is a word formed from ‘Exquisite’ and ‘Technique’. E.p.t.q. is made for women who want to manage exquisite detail of beauty to achieve their true selves.
E.p.t.q. line consists of 3 fillers that cover the overall requirements and desired performance for dermal fillers. E.p.t.q. is a high-quality product that is produced accordingly to the manufactures process: “The 9 Essentials.” Implying 9 criteria for the standards of the hyaluronic acids. This ensures e.p.t.q. can live up to the European safety standards like CE 2292 and KFDA. The base of e.p.t.q. is cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Cross-linking is a chemical process that links hyaluronic acid molecules to one another making the denigration slower than standard hyaluronic acid supporting a more youthfully and radiant skin.