Manufactured by Crown Aesthetics


SkinPen by Crown Aesthetics is a microneedling device designed to improve the appearance of the skin in facial areas. SkinPen creates controlled micro-injuries in the skin to stimulate the body’s natural wound healing process and form new collagen with the results of more even, radiant and glowing skin.

To obtain the best results, SkinPen has developed the complementary SkinPen Accessory Kits to deliver a positive experience before, during, and after the microneedling treatment. The Accessory Kits holds 1 x pack of 12 kits, with 12x Skinfuse Lift HG gels, 12x BioSheaths, 12 x sterile single-use Microneedling Cartridges, and 12 x Patient Labelings.

A treatment with SkinPen takes approximately 30 minutes reliant on the area treated and the desired result. The downtime after a microneedling treatment is little due to its non-invasive nature. Treatments with SkinPen are safe and should be performed in a course of 3-6 treatments in total.