Manufactured by Bioxis Pharmaceuticals


Cytosial is a range of new generation cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, with the benefits of safety and efficiency, which activates the skin to remove signs of aging with natural looking and long-lasting results. Cytosial is a homogeneous product that is easy to inject into the dermis, which also makes the treatment rather painless during the injection even without lidocaine in sensitive areas. Also, the Cytosial fillers offers a stable resistance to mechanic and enzymatic degradation.

The Cytosial range contains three dermal fillers; Cytosial Medium, Cytosial Deep Wrinkle and Cytosial Volume. The three products have the same concentration and volume per syringe but differentiate by a distinct cross-linked rate. Cytosial Medium is the least cross-linked product, which offers a more fluid consistent, which makes it ideal to inject into sensitive areas such as the peri-bussa lines and the lips. Cytosial Deep Wrinkle contains a bit more cross-linked hyaluronic acid and therefore more viscosity, which allows a longer stability hence ideal to treat deep facial wrinkles. Cytosial Volume is the most cross-linked product in the range, which allows it to fill areas of larger volume with a long-time stability and a natural result.